Giant otter

Latin Name Pteroneura brasiliensis
Class Mammalia
Order Carnivora
Family Mustelidae
IUCN status Endangered
Habitat Rainforests and wetlands of South America
Distribution Endemic to South America mainly the Brazilian Amazon and bordering areas.

General Information

A Giant Otter can eat up to 5 kg of fish per day but will also eat crabs, small mammals, snakes etc.
They live in family groups of 15 to 20 otters and are the most vocal of all the otters as they keep in contact with their group by constant chatter.

Habitat destruction and hunting for their fur are the major causes of their decline.

Fun Fact

They love to eat piranha fish in the Amazon - but are always very careful to eat the head first!!! Good Idea!

Keeper Notes

Simuni and Akuri were the first ever Giant Otters to be born in the UK at our sister park The Chestnut Centre, in Derbyshire, in June 2010.